Saturday, March 16, 2013

Limited edition print of all of Bill's Wes Anderson characters

I'm SO buying this. And you should too! Only 2 weeks left, order here.

UPDATE 9/4/2013: I didn't buy it!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bill contemplating Ghostbusters 3 (again)?!?!

From :

Now, a pretty reliable source is reporting that Bill Murray is one again contemplating Ghostbusters 3. In British GQ’s April Comedy Issue (via Ghostbusters 3 blog), there is an interview with Ghostbusters 3 re-scribe Etan Cohen.While the quote isn’t attributed to Cohen, GQ notes that “He is now being touted as the man who can secure the comedy holy grail: namely persuading Bill Murray to sign up for Ghostbusters 3. Murray is said to be finally contemplating the project now that Cohen is on board.”

GQ does quote Cohen in regards to the Ghostbusters 3 script as saying, “I’m trying to embrace the pressure, you shouldn’t put yourself in this situation otherwise. I do take it very seriously though. You want to do something you feel is great, especially for a movie that so many people grew up on. The challenge always is being able to forget the noise and put your blinders on, and just do something fun. You have to let go of the terror that you have had your last good idea. It’s worked out before, so it’s going to work out this time.”

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

If Bill Murray were in your favorite TV shows

If a genie granted me three TV wishes, I’d ask for: 1) Bill Murray on Parks and Recreation as the Mayor; 2) Bill Murray on Community as Jeff’s dad; and 3) That CBS be burned to the ground. Sadly, it’s probably the last wish that’s the most likely to come true: James Brolin has already been cast as Papa Winger, and despite years of tremendous effort from Michael Schur and Amy Poehler, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see Murray as Mayor Gunderson.

That’s a major bummer, but we’re optimists here at WG — Murray may never crawl out of a vent at Greendale or take a tour of the Sweetums factory in Pawnee, but there are plenty of other shows we’d love to see him in. Burnsy (who did the amazing Photoshop work) and I brainstormed ways for the King of the Internet to seamlessly appear in episodes of some of our other favorite and least favorite series, including Game of Thrones, Happy Endings, and Girls. And Bill — can I call you Bill, Bill? — if you’re reading this, drop us a line. We’ve got some ideas for you.